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Mistakes Can Be A Positive Thing!

We ALL make mistakes! Mistakes are a process of life and the road to maturity. It is how you look at mistakes that can make all the difference!

You can spend your time berating yourself, beating yourself up, shutting out the world, feeling guilty, avoiding situations or you can… THANK … your mistakes for taking you on a different journey in your life.
This journey may create new situations, new circumstances, new personal growth or a new life

If you write a list of your so-called mistakes, then actually write another list of the positives and negatives that have come out of each mistake, you may be surprised as to the different branches that have sprouted off each one, causing a chain reaction of events in your life.

Yes there may be some negatives but have a deeper look, there are so many positives too!

You may then see a clearer picture that perhaps what you considered a mistake, led you to a better place, or different circle of friends or partner, work place, financial situation, or a way of conducting yourself within your life.

So with this in mind the next time your thoughts become negative surrounding a so-called mistake, take time to consider the new possibilities this event may have produced for you. Yes there could be a long life lesson in it which could be long and hard, though it is the end result that really counts.

When you become more aware of your lifetime and what it means for you. You will be able to adopt a better outlook, even if pain, hurt and loss is involved. More importantly if you can truly accept and LOVE who you are as a person, then you are confident about your decisions, even if you do make a mistake.

You are the only person with the key to your existence, your thought patterns, and your decisions. Nobody else does any of this for you. You are an independent vessel in your lifetime that creates everything within you and around you.

Nobody makes your ultimate decisions but YOU. Yes you can discuss it with those around you, but ultimately if YOU agree to something, you made that decision.

How many times have you berated yourself for not listening to your intuition before making a decision? Perhaps through a situation, a person, a gut feeling, a project, or a job offer.

Being confident with your intuition/gut feeling is another resource that we need to work on and believe in to help avoiding mistakes.Once you truly accept and love who you are as a person, your intuition becomes your guide and you are confident in listening to what your guidance is telling you.

When I hear/feel/or see my intuition, I now know to take notice of the message, or write a note down with the message on it and keep myself in tuned to the possibility that it has given me.

How about today you consciously consider listening to your intuition before making a decision and also consciously seeing the positives in your past mistakes.

Move On and Live Your Life …….

Please leave me a comment and let me know how you are looking at your life differently. It will be fantastic to hear from you.

Keep ‘Creating The Love’ in your life
……….  Leanna Mackenzie

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